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Posts for: October, 2013

Children's Dentist Englewood, NJ

Caring for Your Child’s Teeth (and Adults)
At Come Dental, we strive to provide superior dental health care for your entire family.  From children to adults, we offer an array of family Children's Dentistdentistry options in Englewood.  Dr. Bo Yun (Englewood Orthodontist), Dr. David Choi (Pediatric Dentist in Englewood), Dr. Erica Chang(Englewood Pediatric Dentist), Dr. Sung Yun (General Dentist in Englewood),  Dr. Seo Yu (General Dentist in Northvale), and Dr. Jiyeon Yoo (Englewood Periodontist) focus on treatment for children of all ages, including adults.
Your baby’s endearing toothless grin can light up the world.  Not long into the first year, you will notice a glimmer of something white, or you may even hear a clunk when the feeding spoon touched the first tooth.  By taking steps early in your baby’s life, you can establish a pattern that will ensure your baby continues to have a healthy smile. 
Here at Come Dental, we strive to provide our patients in Englewood with superior children’s dentistry. Dr. David Choi and Dr. Erica Chang are children’s dentists who work with each child to ensure the best in quality dental care in Englewood.  To further help you maintain the glowing sparkle and health of your child’s oral health Dr. Choi Choi and Dr. Erica Chang offer tips for establishing proper oral hygiene and nutrition. 
As one of Englewood’s children’s dentists, Dr. David Choi and Dr. Erica Chang help you establish proper oral hygiene and diet for your child.  Your child’s primary teeth are important because good, healthy teeth allow your child to eat and maintain good nutrition, making oral hygiene and diet essential for a healthy life.
Additionally, the help of a children’s dentist for your child in Englewood allows for healthy teeth, which are essential for allowing clear pronunciation and speech habits.  Primary teeth can also guide the eruption of your child’s permanent teeth.  For proper oral hygiene maintenance, Dr. David Choi and Dr. Erica Chang, your Englewood children’s dentist, recommends:

  • Regular checkups beginning at age one with Come Dental Group
  • Good nutrition
  • Supervised tooth brushing
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Dental sealants

The teeth, bones and soft tissue of the mouth require a healthy, well-balanced diet.  Increasing consumption of nutritional foods and reducing intake of less healthy foods can help minimize cavities and other dental problems.  Most snacks that children eat can cause cavities, so children should only receive healthy foods such as vegetables, low-fat yogurt and cheeses to promote strong, healthy teeth.
Caring for your child’s teeth begins early and often.  By doing so, you are setting your child up for a lifetime of healthy permanent teeth and overall dental health.  Begin proper dental care for your child immediately and with the initial onset of your child’s first tooth, visit Dr. Sung Yun, your pediatric dentist Englewood, for assessment.  You can pave the way for a lifetime of proper dental health for your child.
What are you doing to ensure your baby’s oral health for a lifetime?