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By Dr. Sung Yun
September 09, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Implants  

While in a perfect world, our teeth would last for a lifetime, accidents, decay and more happen. This can lead to one or more missing teeth. Each tooth lost not only creates a gap in your smile, it can also cause shifting in your dental alignment, affect your ability to speak clearly and impact how well you are able to chew foods. If you have experienced significant tooth loss, your jawbone may even start to recede, which can change your entire face shape.

While these facts are certainly the “bad” news, there is plenty of good news associated with how Dr. Sung Yun can help you replace your lost or missing tooth. Dr. Yun offers implant dentistry options where he collaborates with a local periodontist to permanently replace your tooth with a natural-looking option.

The basic premise of dental implants is to replace the natural structures of the lost or missing tooth with artificial ones. The implant itself is a titanium rod that is implanted into the jawbone. Once the bone grows around this implant, an anchoring device called an abutment is placed over the dental implant. After this, Dr. Yun creates an artificial replacement tooth known as a crown that is custom-made for your unique dental structure.

Dr. Yun attended a special two-year implant dentistry program from New York University (NYU). Topics covered in this extensive course include the diagnosis and treatment planning of patients who are missing one tooth to patients who are completely missing their teeth.

Dental implants are an excellent option for many Englewood dentist patients because they provide advantages over typical tooth replacement methods, such as dental bridges and dentures. Dental implants are sturdily implanted into the jaw, which encourages jawbone growth, preventing the teeth from shifting. Also, applying a single dental implant does not require making changes to surrounding teeth as dental bridges do.

If you are curious if a dental implant could be an option to replace your lost or missing tooth, Dr. Yun can perform an implant dentistry consultation at his Englewood dentist office. This includes looking at your overall dental health, your current amount of jawbone and what types of dental implant approaches could benefit you.

To learn more about implant dentistry options offered at our Englewood, NJ dentist office, please call (201) 569-5121 to make an appointment for a dental implant consultation. You can also click on “Appointment Request” on our website to request a particular date and time. Our office staff will contact you quickly to set up an appointment.

Braces EnglewoodFor many people who are thinking about getting braces, the sole purpose they have in mind is to straighten their crooked teeth. They decide on getting orthodontic treatment based on whether getting a better smile is worth the cost of braces in Englewood.
If you are thinking about getting braces for yourself or your child, you should know that there are a variety of benefits to straight teeth that exceed the simple aesthetic benefit of having a better smile. Straight teeth lead to improved dental function, easier cleaning and reduced teeth grinding. By getting healthy, straight teeth now it is possible to avoid costly dental procedures later in life.

Easy To Clean

Crowded or crooked teeth can be extremely difficult to clean properly. Your toothbrush will not be able to reach the entire surface of your teeth and teeth that are too close together cannot be flossed. This can lead to a buildup of plaque and tooth or gum disease.
Being able to properly brush and floss your teeth is essential to maintaining your oral health. If your teeth are too crowded, even your dentist will not be able to properly clean certain areas. If you develop a problem with one of your teeth, it will be very difficult for your Englewood dentist to perform an effective restoration.

A Better Bite

In addition to the aesthetic benefits of a straighter smile, orthodontic treatment also fixes your bite and balances the force of your bite throughout your teeth. When teeth are crooked and misaligned, the force of your bite can be focused on just a few of your teeth.
Over time, this can cause problems with these teeth. Abnormal wear patterns, headaches and jaw pain can all result from this. In addition, this can lead to grinding of the teeth, a habit that is very damaging. Chewing and talking are also much easier with straight teeth.

Increased Confidence

While the functional benefits of straight teeth are very important, it would be remiss to not mention the benefits to your self-confidence. Having crooked teeth can be a source of shame and embarrassment, especially to younger people. For many, the moment they get their braces off signifies a turning point in their lives.
If you are thinking about getting orthodontic treatment for you or your child, schedule a consultation with one of our Englewood pediatric dentists or orthodontists at Come Dental to learn more about the best treatment options available to you.